Rebecca Kellogg

 Energy Tending Journey

with Rebecca Sederberg Kellogg

If you are ready now to go deeper and have my support on your personal development journey . . . 

Enrollment is now open for Energy Tending Journey, a six month program that will begin November 15. 

Hello and Welcome! 

If you are ready now to go deeper and have my support on your personal development journey . . .  

Good news! 

I have additional support available.  

Enrollment is now open for Energy Tending Journey a six month program that will begin November 15.  

The Energy Tending Journey will include:

  • three of my most requested programs 
  • delivered in a sequence of twelve total lessons 
  • designed to build on each other and help you tend layers of your energy in key areas. 
  • New content will be released about twice per month, so the pace is easy to keep up with.  

“I am forever changed by the clarity and depth of healing that we did . . . I am grateful for this higher level of awareness and believe I am seeing/living with clarity like I have never had before and a depth of self I haven’t ever touched before.” —Shanna W.

The guided journey work and principles we’ll cover are designed to help you become more empowered and conscious in how you tend the energy of your work, money, and connections with other people (which are all related, surprise!). What will you create over the next six months with an upgrade for your energy mastery skills? Not only will you be able to enjoy being supported by the sessions–live or recorded, depending on your schedule–but you’ll also learn energy tending skills you can return to again and again to help you with mastering and evolving the energy of your life. The first area we will work with is Energy Tending for Projects.

We’ll cover: 

  • Energy boundaries for sensitive people–how to let go of carrying other people’s stuff, how to tend the channels around money, time, and energy as it flows through your work. We’ll learn how to identify and heal energy leaks.
  • We’ll cover advanced strategies on tending an energetic container for your work and projects that is separate from your own energy so you can hold space for more people with less drain on you. (Such a relief!) 
  • We will talk about the energetics of how to hold transformational space for your clients so you can support their highest potential.

"Working with Rebecca for the last few weeks has brought me to a new level both energetically and mentally. I have a whole new mindset on how to create and manifest my desires. I feel completely brand new on my business front and on my ability to move forward with my business. I feel aligned and in creation mode. I have faith now that I can create what I need and want within my life as I have those tools necessary to help me focus and stay aligned with my vision. Working with Rebecca has been great and I look forward to working with her in the future!" --Martita Robinson

Next, we'll cover Healing Ancestral Money Wounds and Sabotage Patterns.  

We'll work with:

  • Leadership and visibility, giving your ancestors an opportunity to mourn lost opportunities or suppressed voices and gifts and reclaim their ideals 
  • We'll work with untangling knotted ancestral energy around money and self-worth, often a rich area for healing. We'll also align you with the lineage of your profession and chart more of what is possible for you with this unique assistance. 
  • We'll create a round-table discussion of how supportive and high vibe ancestors can bring their talents to support your work and life and I'll show you how to work with an ancestral support team.

“Every time I work with Rebecca I feel improvement afterwards. The energy work I do in her meditations always leads to a positive shift towards my desired outcome. I have gained great confidence and clarity thanks to her meditations and love her structured way of teaching. I'm also a big fan of magical experiences and I had quite a few while working with Rebecca." - Andi Rondestvedt.

Finally, we'll cover Double-Strand Relationship work. 

You will have the option of working in those sessions on how you are showing up and engaging with a life partner or potential partners, your clients, or a significant business connection. Double-Strand Relationship work is all about how your lineage energy influences how you show up and engage with others. When two people interact, the energy of their lineages also engages. There may be points in the lineage energy that respond to each other harmoniously. There may be other points that trigger each other or clash and then get stuck to each other like Velcro. We sense a lot of this intuitively.  

When I've tended double-strand relationship work with other people, results have included: 

  • greater peace between friends, 
  • greater harmony reported between two partners, 
  • a sense of walls and barriers coming down,
  • a greater sense of teamwork, 
  • a greater sense of heart connection.

Especially if you and your partner or friend are growth minded, and you want the relationship to have a chance to grow as well, this can be a fascinating area to explore. We'll work with your lineage directly on the sticky spots around how the lineage influence affects your relationships, and also extend a respectful offer of new patterns to the lineage strands of the person you're working on creating a healthier connection with. Sometimes with personal development work, relationships get stronger, sometimes clarity comes in and you realize some things need to shift.

 I can't guarantee particular outcomes, but I can teach you tools that can help you:

  • become more aware of the energy patterns happening, 
  • clear away stagnant energy, 
  • make space for patterns to evolve 
  • consciously work with how you want to show up for yourself and other people. 

“Working with Rebecca was my first experience with energy shifting and healing. Having no idea what to expect, I genuinely appreciated her welcome ease. She warmly invited me in, boosting my ability and confidence to access, reaching to guide me toward my best self, through struggles I needed to address and the potential I have for the future. Rebecca is a gifted teacher and creative guide, pulling on her wide breadth of wisdom and creative knowledge to access the unseen, opening it to those willing to look in, up and out.” –Anonymous

BONUS: In addition to all of the above segments, you'll also receive six months of supportive energy grid support for your goals.  

The stand-alone values of the segments are: 

Energy Tending for Projects (valued at $497) Healing Ancestral Money Wounds and Sabotage Patterns Journey Series (valued at $997) Double-Strand Relationship work (valued at $888) Bonus: Six months of Energy Grid Support (valued at $497)

What I've seen is, any of these pieces can give people a beautiful supportive experience. 

But working with all 4 pieces together supports a bigger expansion and increases the level of beautiful support. 

So I'm creating a special offer--all 4 for $1800 or pay in full $1500.

(Special note: If you'd like to add a pivate monthly session with me to get my personal attention, energy mentorship, and support for your progress, choose the VIP option.)

Join me for your Energy Tending Journey, and let's get you on the road to mastering your energy and moving toward the next level of your goals with greater support.  

I look forward to working with you!  

Join now for:  

Six monthly payments of $300.  

Join now for:

One payment of $1500 

Want 1:1 private work + support with me? 

 You can get that with the Level 2-VIP version of the Energy Tending Journey!

When you up-level to VIP you wil receive Six (6) Private 1:1 sessions with me, in addition to everything listed above for the Energy Tending Journey

Praise for my work: “I’m hugely dubious about this kind of stuff. But … After a session with Rebecca, here’s what I got: Clarity: I had a far clearer idea of what it was I was supposed to be doing with my business. Not only on a long-term basis, but also on a minute-by-minute basis. Energy: An hour spent focusing on yourself is a luxury at the best of times. This time, the luxury left me with an energy akin to having spent half a day at a spa. Not kidding. Understanding: Procrastination was a problem for me. Rather than saying “don’t procrastinate”, Rebecca guided me (there’s really no other word) to see exactly HOW I could stop procrastinating and why it was a good idea. The results have remained with me and I’m hugely happy I bit down on my skepticism and tried Rebecca’s services out.” –Matthew Kimberley  

“Rebecca has a very caring and healing energy. As I am not fully immersed in the world of energy healing, she was very respectful of using techniques and therapies that I was comfortable with. She has done work for me on a few occasions of great stress and tension in my life, and she has helped me through a bout of depression, the fallout of breaking up with an abusive ex, and getting through some serious anxiety when I was engaged. She is a talented, creative healer and always left me feeling relaxed, loved, and energized, and more able to deal with my life situations in a clear and positive way.” –Anonymous  

“Rebecca is one of the most powerful visionaries I know.” –Kim Eibrink Jansen 

"I didn't know exactly why I signed up for the Missing Link Manifestation group, I just knew I needed to. In the course of 5 weeks I've healed a life-long wound, I attracted 5 new clients (without any effort on my part - they approached me!), and I found and closed on a new house, which is our dream home. Some hard stuff happened while I was taking the course, and Rebecca's ongoing guidance supported me through the process. I handled things much better due to my new tools and higher vibration. This course will change your life, so only enroll if you're prepared for that!" --Cindy Wrightson, Cindy Wrightson Content Consulting,

About Rebecca

I’m a master of helping people get unstuck, unlock their potential, and become happier. My work helps clients attract ideal business, identify and work with their strengths, and thrive . . . I'm a trained shaman, intuitive energy worker, and former million-dollar copywriter. I have a degree in English literature, where I studied how to find layers of meaning in stories. Our lives and cultures are made of stories, so I often work as a navigational guide, helping people get and stay aligned with their truest inner direction and bringing that into the outer world. 

I’m ready to support you in stepping up to be your best self this year.