Mini-series: Healing with the Angels! 

If you are an angel lover, or even someone who has been drawn to the idea of angels but hasn't yet connected with that realm yourself, this is for you. If you would love some angelic support in your life for peace, calm, and resilience, this is for you. 4 days of healing meditations to connect with the angels' light and love and be attuned to more of their healing energy for your life.

What can you expect from connecting with the archangels?  

Many who connect with them report feeling more peaceful, balanced, and inspired. They'll say they feel more tranquil in themselves, and that they feel really good about letting go of some of the weight keeping them from moving forward as lightly as they'd like to go. For those who are already travelling lightly, connecting with archangels can be a way to help super-charge your own inner light and help you raise your vibration, strengthen your intuition, and expand your capacity to hold love. In our 4-Day mini-series, we'll work with a series of angels. I invited them to share with me which ones would like to participate in lifting you up and working with you during this mini-series, and these are the ones who came forward (and they were very specific around what messages, healings, and attunements they want to share with you . . . read on to learn what they want to help you with . . .)

During our series, we will work with: 

  • *Michael--speaking your truth and standing in your power--getting more clear and confident in your vision and next step (Michael's powerful leadership energy can help you develop more strength in owning your own truth) 
  • *Sandalphon--and an attunement to embracing the unique gifts that make you who you truly are and removing inner stigma around self-judgment for your own brilliant light.  
  • *Gabriel--and the healing energies of self-love (to help you be more compassionate with yourself . . . and, strangely enough, therefore more brave, courageous, and resilient in going after what will truly make your life a better one)
  • *Ariel--and the gift of being grounded, centered, and connected to courage.

The healing meditations will be delivered each day via email, so you can listen to them at a time that fits your schedule and that you have space to unwind. Your 4 day mini-series is only $44. Looking forward to hosting you! Xo, Rebecca

About Rebecca

Rebecca Kellogg is an energy mastery mentor who specializes in helping leaders live their potential, strengthen and refine the energetic aspect of their work, and hold space for self and others masterfully. Her work helps people feel more calm and clear, and evolve toward their best selves.